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Smart CRE

Paving the way for sustainable real estate

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Sustainable Building Solutions and Technologies

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Why Smart CRE?

Making the real estate market more transparent & accessible

The goal of Smart CRE is to make the commercial real estate market more transparent & accessible with a focus on sustainability. Our centralized platform provides you with all the necessary information and data on green and smart buildings.

Compare solutions based on sustainable & financial performance

Suppliers can submit case studies of their products. The information includes the ROI, payback period, and savings. By using this data, you will be able to make better and more precise investment decisions.

Singapore is a green and sustainable city

Manage requirements for your development & refit projects

Easily search for the right suppliers for your projects. Filter products and companies by use-cases, category, country, building type, and more. This will allow you to plan easier and more accurately.

Identify new & innovative green building solutions

Get a competitive advantage over other real estate companies by using the most efficient and up-to-date sustainable technologies. This will allow you to increase profits and also create a positive impact for the environment.

For Suppliers

Thousands of real estate professionals access Smart CRE every month with the aim of finding out more about sustainable buildings. Gain new clients and receive high-quality leads from developers, investors, and others, regardless of whether you offer technologies, services, or green construction materials. Sign up now by clicking here and find the true potential of your business.

*The Supplier database is currently only available in the United Kingdom, United States, and Germany.
More countries will follow soon!

Sustainable Building Strategy​

Green Commercial Real Estate

The global use of resources and energy is significantly impacted by the real estate industry. Additionally, a substantial portion of greenhouse gas emissions are produced throughout the construction and operation phases. The appealing financial benefits of green buildings make it a positive investment in many aspects. Not only does it improve the environment and helps to comply with ESG regulations, it also increases asset value, rents, and occupancy rate.

green modern building

Higher Asset Value​

Compared to conventional commercial buildings, the asset value of green buildings can increase by up to 20%.

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New Tenants​

Tenants are drawn to sustainable properties because of their many benefits for companies and employees.

Reduced Costs

Green buildings’ operational expenses are reduced by an average of 19% as a result of numerous innovative solutions.

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