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About Us

Our Goal Is To Create More
Sustainable, Intelligent And Efficient Buildings.

green building inside

Smart CRE is a platform that focuses on creating more efficient and sustainable commercial real estate projects.

The goal of this website is to match suppliers and real estate professionals easily and more precisely in order to make modern technologies and solutions more accessible. Furthermore, we want to enhance the knowledge that is available on PropTech, smart buildings, smart cities, and green construction to highlight the importance and benefits of these concepts.

Taking a look at innovative, sustainable solutions can help the traditional real estate sector significantly. Not only will it help CRE projects to reduce costs and increase their return on investment, but it will also have a significant positive impact on the environment.

Due to the large number of new technologies and solutions that are released it can be difficult to identify what is right for your properties. Thanks to our database of suppliers and research we are providing the most up-to-date information for sustainable commercial real estate.

Finding suppliers of sustainable building technology can be complicated, especially when specific types of products are required. Our services and database helps to identify the right companies in your area, in order to enhance the performance and sustainability of your properties.

The global use of resources and energy is significantly impacted by the real estate industry. Additionally, a substantial portion of greenhouse gas emissions are produced throughout the construction and operation phases. Currently, the real estate sector accounts for 40% of worldwide energy consumption and more than 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental pollution and the production of a large amount of waste are other negative effects.

Providing Up-To-Date News And Articles

At Smart CRE we are constantly doing research on the latest trends in the commercial real estate industry. Our goal is to deliver relevant insights and engaging articles that highlight how digitalization in the property market is rapidly progressing, with an emphasis on smart technologies and PropTech solutions.

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings use modern technologies to improve energy consumption, maintenance, well-being of tenants, costs and more.  

Smart Cities

Smart Cities are able to make urban areas more environmentally friendly, safer, create jobs, improve efficiency, and create better transportation services.


PropTech describes companies or solutions that use technology to improve the real estate industry, including developing, trading, and managing buildings.


Real Estate is responsible for a major part of global CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In order to fight climate change, new innovative solutions must be found.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate or CRE describes a variety of different buildings, including offices, retail, industrial buildings, multi-family housing, and others.

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