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Free Tools & Resources

Our free tools and resources help you to better analyse the commercial real estate market and create more sustainable buildings. These guides, calculators, databases, and quizzes are focused on modern real estate trends and can support your decision-making processes.

The green building score calculator lets you easily estimate the sustainable performance of your properties. Its calculation is taking inspiration and certain features from the most popular green building certifications: LEED and BREEAM.  By using the Smart-CRE green building calculator, you can create a very rough estimation of how the property would perform for the mentioned systems.

The Market Report Finder Tool lets you easily access high-quality real estate information to reduce your research time and make your work more efficient. Our free tool includes more than 500 reports for Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. To use it, simply select a country, region and city. For more specific requests, you can also select the year and publishing company/website.

Test your smart city knowledge with our newest quiz. Here you will find questions about the design, function, benefits, history, and technologies of smart cities. Find out more about interesting facts regarding these modern urban areas and what they can do to create environmental, social, and economical sustainability. The smart city quiz will take you through the process of becoming a leading expert on this topic!