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PropTech & Smart Buildings for CRE – Buzzwords or Real Value?

As an investor, developer or operator of commercial real estate you are interested in minimizing risk and maximizing returns for your project like any other investor in other asset classes would do. However Real estate as an asset requires substantial investments but may create solid returns over decades or an increase in value allows to sell it for a good profit.

How can smart building technology or PropTech solutions support you in reaching those above-mentioned goals? Technology is exciting, yes, but it is a means to an end to achieve your business targets in CRE.

Use-Cases of Technologies

Let’s put our focus on benefits and the value of those technologies and not the buzzwords.

We at are uniquely combining business experience and real estate and technology knowledge to build the bridge between CRE companies and the fast-growing world of PropTech and smart building technology offerings to create the best possible value for your CRE projects.

For your next projects, we invite you to invest a few minutes to look at the use cases how PropTech and Smart building technology can make your buildings more profitable, sustainable and comfortable for your tenants.

PropTech and smart building technology can support all phases of a CRE project from the Project Development phase to construction and operations and later renovation or activation projects.

Here are just a few use cases of PropTech and smart building technology to foster ideas for your projects:

Project Development Phase

  • Smart contracting, lowering upfront costs
  • Shared ownership management allowing smaller investors to participate 
  • 3D virtual tours of future buildings for faster marketing 
  • BIM – Building information modelling for easier collaboration between stakeholders in planning and construction

Construction Phase

  • Smart HVAC – lowering energy and maintenance costs
  • Smart Building management systems, lowering management costs  
  • Flexible room concepts for more flexible workspace configurations 
  • Smart lighting, shading and glazing 
  • Strong IT backbone support today’s and future smart solutions
  • Smart parking solutions incl. Electric vehicle (EV) charging 
  • Photovoltaic (PV) systems lowering energy cost for tenant retention
  • Smart façade systems lowering energy consumption and improve climate

Operations Phase

  • Remote maintenance of critical building infrastructure
  • Smart access control for improved security and safety of your tenants
  • Occupancy level management 
  • Smart office and conference room booking for tenants
  • Smart metering for all consumption avoiding manual, time-consuming and error-prone data transcription
  • Smart watering and irrigation
  • Strong, secure WIFI networks with “Bring your own device” (BYOD) option for tenants and visitors
  • Data Analysis and Business Intelligence to improve offerings to tenants


Those are just some options that can help drive the value of your projects along the CRE value chain.

Our mission is to give transparency to the fast-growing PropTech and smart building technologies market and support you in choosing the right technologies for maximum benefits and value for you and your future tenants.

If done with the right business mindset and common-sense, smart, IoT and PropTech are a lot more than buzzwords and will revolutionize the way how we develop, build and operate Commercial Real Estate. 

If you want to find out more about smart and sustainable building technology, please take a look at our blog and glossary.

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