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Green Building Consulting Report

Increasing Your Commercial Building Value
With Sustainable

Increase Property Asset Value

Compared to conventional commercial buildings, the asset value of green buildings can increase by up to 20%.

Attract New Tenants

Tenants are drawn to sustainable properties because of their many benefits for companies and employees.

Reduce Operating Costs

Green buildings' operational expenses are reduced by an average of 19% as a result of numerous innovative solutions.

Green Building Consulting Report

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Why do we need Green Commercial Buildings?

The global use of resources and energy is significantly impacted by the real estate industry. Additionally, a substantial portion of greenhouse gas emissions are produced throughout the construction and operation phases. Currently, the real estate sector accounts for 40% of worldwide energy consumption and more than 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental pollution and the production of a large amount of waste are other negative effects. These issues and risks can be significantly decreased by implementing sustainable principles throughout the whole building life cycle. For developers and investors, lower operational costs and higher asset values can lead to significantly higher returns.

How Sustainable Solutions increase your Profits?

The appealing financial benefits of green buildings make it a positive investment in many aspects. Not only does it improve the environment and helps to comply with ESG regulations, it also increases asset value, rents, and occupancy rate. Because of benefits such as increased wellbeing for tenants and better productivity, green buildings are a popular choice by different types of companies. Also, lower costs due to savings in energy, water, and maintenance expenses are an important factor. Developing or refitting sustainable buildings will prepare your company for the future. Get your Free Green Building Consulting Report and discover what can be achieved with your property!

How the Green Building Consulting Report Benefits You

The free Green Building Consulting Report will provide you with new innovative solutions that not only increase the sustainable performance of your property, but also its profitability. Detailed and accurate information is still hard to find on the green building market, therefore we analyzed a large number of case studies, academic research papers, statistics, market reports, and company publications. This makes it possible for Smart CRE to offer valuable information on aspects like the return on investment (ROI), payback period, and energy savings of various technologies that are suitable for your property. The Green Building Consulting Report also offers suggestions and strategies for putting these solutions into practice.

why we need green buildings

Green Building Consulting

When preparing to incorporate green building practices into buildings, there are numerous challenges that need to be resolved. Smart CRE provides a free sustainability report for commercial buildings to make this process simpler, more accessible, and easier to understand.

Do you need…

  • … professional advice on developing green buildings?
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  • … short- and long-term financial returns?
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The real estate industry accounts for a large amount of the global resource and energy consumption, as well as CO2 emissions. Each phase of the property life cycle has an impact on the environment. The construction phase consists of transporting materials over long distances, using fuel for machinery, and noise- as well as air-pollution. The operating phase is responsible for the majority of emissions and energy consumption. Lastly, the demolition phase creates a lot of pollution and waste. By using sustainable technologies and concepts in commercial buildings, these issues can be solved to a large extent.

To create truly sustainable buildings not only the property itself must be very efficient in terms of energy and resource use, but also the planning, construction and management. In our Green Building Consulting Report you will be provided with a number of solutions and concepts that can have a positive impact on the sustainability level. To understand this performance and be able to compare it, certain international standards and certifications have emerged. The most common ones are LEED, BREEAM, WELL, and Energy Star.

There are a number of possibilities to increase the earnings and values from a commercial property. Due to a relatively low supply in green buildings, organisations are willing to pay more to acquire them. This happens as a result of its benefits, compliance to regulations, and ESG standards. As a consequence, asset values from green buildings rise by 7–18%, rental income rises by 5–12%, and occupancy rates go up by 6–16%.

A reduction in costs comes almost naturally when implementing green building solutions. The goal of these technologies is to minimise the consumption of energy and other resources. As a result, the related costs can be reduced to almost zero for some parts and on average in the range of 25-50%. Also maintenance costs are reduced by about 12%, due to smart and efficient management systems. In total, operating costs can be reduced by up to almost 20%.

A very common misconception is that green buildings are significantly more expensive than conventional ones. On average, the extra costs for achieving a sustainability certification such as LEED are only 2%.Only when planning to create extremly innovative and complex buildings, that get the highest rankings worldwide, these expenses can increase to about 6-10% of total construction costs.

Overall there are many advantages that come with green or sustainable buildings. They have reduced energy consumption, reduced operating costs, sustainable usage of resources, lower CO2 emissions, increased productivity of tenants, and improved quality of life.

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