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Top 5 PropTech Companies in Spain 2023

PropTech, or Property Technology, is a trend that uses digital and technical solutions to improve the real estate market. While many organisations throughout the world have PropTech business models, Spain appears to be an especially strong sector.

In the comparison of the European market, Spain is in sixth place with the most amount of funding. Furthermore, they are fourth when it comes to the total number of companies in this field. This success can also be seen in the individual performance of some companies that are able to secure more than $1 billion in capital from investors. 

In the following ranking of the top 5 PropTech companies in Spain, we are focusing on the total amount of funding received.

Top PropTech Companies in Spain

madrid spain PropTech startups

Top 5 PropTech Companies in Spain 2023

This ranking includes firms and startups that have recently received significant funding from investors. Their business models have proven to be successful or have the potential to be successful in the future. We rely on Crunchbase and other reliable sources in the PropTech industry to deliver accurate data and information.

1 | Clikalia

The top PropTech company in Spain is called “Clikalia” and has received around $1.1 billion in funding. Most of this capital has been contributed by Deutsche Bank in the form of debt financing. Their latest venture round in February 2022 added €75 million. Francisco Alister Moreno and Pablo Fernandez have founded the company in 2017, which has become the market-leading iBuyer in Spain.

Clikalia’s promise is to value their customer’s home in 24 hours and purchase it from them within just 7 days. This business model, which is also known as instant buyer or iBuyer, has seen success and popularity in multiple countries around the globe. Because of the fast sales process, these startups help to solve one of real estate’s major downsides, its illiquidity. 

If a homeowner decides to finalise the transaction and sell, Clikalia takes further steps before putting the property back on the market. The apartments get renovated and upgraded with high-quality materials, as well as an appealing interior design. Furthermore, 3D virtual viewing tours are created to enhance the transaction process. After this has been done, the properties will be sold through Clikalia’s own marketplace.

In addition to their iBuying service, the company also offers a mortgage calculation and comparison tool. They handle all the paperwork and try to receive the best rates for their customers. There is no need to purchase a home through Clikalia in order to use the mortgage service.

The Spanish PropTech company currently operates in five cities in Spain, as well as two in Mexico. Furthermore, in the beginning of 2022, they started to buy and sell properties in Lisbon, Portugal. More than 600 employees work for the company at the moment that manage and sell the more than 2,000 properties they hold.

2 | Tiko

Tiko” is ranked second among the top five PropTech companies in Spain. Surprisingly, they are another iBuyer with significant success in the country. The firm has secured a total of $116 million in funding, with $65 million coming from investors including BTOV and Rocket Internet in their series A round last year. Tiko was founded by Ana Villanueva, Can Günay, Paco Sahuquillo, and Sina Afra in 2017. Its headquarter is located in Madrid.

Their business model is very similar to Clikalia and they also offer the promise that they are able to purchase their customer’s properties within 7 days of accepting the offer. The company handles the paperwork and creates a free valuation within a day. After the transaction has been concluded successfully, Tiko renovates and improves the buildings in order to enhance their value. 

They then create an offer on their marketplace, where a potential customer can see it and make a viewing appointment. Tiko works together with a number of real estate agents that earn a 4% commission when selling the home successfully.

Each property that is going to be bought by the company needs to comply with certain requirements. This is to ensure that their business model works and that their profit margin is high enough between purchasing, renovating, and selling the house or apartment. 

First of all, the home needs to be located in their operating cities: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Vizcaya, Zaragoza or Lisbon. Second, it must be purely residential and not in the basement. An elevator should be present if it’s above the fourth floor and it cannot be smaller than 40m². Lastly, the home’s value must be less or equal to €400,000.

Tiko also offers an additional mortgage comparison service on their website. The company’s management is based in Spain, while its technical side is operated from Turkey. With the additional capital from its latest funding round, Tiko wants to expand its operation into other European countries.

3 | Spotahome

The home rental platform “Spotahome” is the third biggest PropTech company in Spain. They have received approximately $93 million in funding, of which $25 million have been collected in October 2021. Spotahome was established in 2014 by Alejandro Artacho, Bruno Bianchi, Bryan McEire, and Hugo Monteiro. Currently, the company has offices in Madrid, London, Lisbon, Milan, and Berlin.

Spotahome offers their customers a platform to rent medium- and long-term apartments, which usually have a minimum stay period of 30 days. They handle all the documents and provide their service fully online in order to make it accessible for anyone in the world. This also includes the property visit which can only be done virtually.

To provide the best experience to their customers, Spotahome has so-called “Homecheckers”. They go to each property and take pictures, videos, descriptions, and create floor plans. This assures that every verified apartment has sufficient information and a certain quality to be booked online without a visit.

The other side of Spotahome’s platform business model includes the landlords. To improve renting out a property, the company manages the entire listing process from creating the offer to receiving monthly payments. At the moment, they offer three types of services: standard, plus, and all-in. The premium plans include several insurances, damage protection, guaranteed monthly payments, check-in/out management, and cleaning, as well as maintenance services.

Spotahome has recently partnered up with Homeppl, a fraud detection solution that assesses the ability of tenants to pay their rent. Thanks to this partnership, Spotahome tenants do not have to pay the deposit in certain circumstances. With the additional funding from 2021 and the new partnerships, the company will be able to expand and improve its services.

Barcelona proptech company

4 | Badi

Badi” is the fourth most successful PropTech company in Spain in 2023, with a funding of about $47 million. The rental platform was established in 2015 and received most of its capital ($30 million) in its series B round in 2019. Alvaro Cordoba and Carlos Pierre are the founders of Badi, which has its headquarter in Barcelona.

The company offers furnished and temporary rental apartments in a number of Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Granada, and more. At the moment there are two main types of properties available: shared apartments and entire places. These can be rented for different periods of time, from up to 5 months, to up to 12 months, and also more than one year.

Badi’s intuitive platform lets landlords easily upload their properties in just minutes and then matches them with the right tenants. This is also convenient for people that just want to rent out their room while not using it or to find roommates. Its App allows people to find roommates that match their interests and the integrated chat function helps to manage requests, as well as concerns. More than 600 thousand listings have been created on the platform and it currently has more than 3 million users.

With AI technology, Badi wants to match the users on their platform more efficiently. Thus, helping people to find the right home faster and more accurately. Thanks to its success, the company was able to expand into new cities and countries such as France, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

5 | Vivla

The fifth biggest PropTech company in Spain, related to their funding, is “Vivla”. By offering fractional homeownership, the startup was able to acquire $30 million of capital in a short amount of time. Carlos Floría Martín has founded Vivla in 2021. Just recently, in March 2022, the company received funding through debt financing and their pre-seed round. 

Vivla provides fractional ownership of holiday apartments and villas in Spain. This business model allows their customers to buy a share of a property and gives them the right to stay in it at certain times. Each of the luxury houses or apartments is divided into 8 shares that cost between €50,000 and €800,000, depending on the building’s value. The maximum number of shares a person can own are 4. Each of these allows the customer to stay for 6 weeks in the property.

The shares can be sold at any time during its ownership and it will take between 2 weeks and 3 months for the process to be completed. This makes fractional ownership a real estate investment method with higher liquidity than traditional methods.

Homes that are offered on Vivla are purchased from individuals and companies that are interested in selling a share of their property. This means that a seller can keep up to 50% of their house and still use it to a certain extent. After the property has been acquired by Vivla, necessary improvements will be made, such as modern interior design. The fractional investment will be conducted through an LLC that is created for each building.

Thanks to the $30 million in funding that the PropTech company has received recently, their goal is to extend their offering in luxury homes. Vivla wants to purchase an additional €100 million worth of properties with the help of its new capital, as well as homeowners that want to invest in their second home.


The top 5 PropTech companies in Spain are very interesting because of a number of reasons. First of all, there are two iBuyers, in place one and two. Both of them have received singinificant funding and popularity within the last few years. Second, there are also two online rental platforms for apartments and private rooms. These trends can also be seen in other countries such as the US or India. Another interesting finding from this PropTech ranking is that shared ownership is showing to be popular again. This concept has existed for decades already but also came with a number of downsides.

If you want to learn more about PropTech, smart buildings, smart cities, and sustainable real estate, feel free to take a look at our other blog articles.

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